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Next Episode- "Sins of Father" February 18,2014
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Twisted Winter Premiere Recap + thoughts

I would like to begin by apologizing. I am so sorry I have not been able to update and c’mon and post as often and stayed inactive during the break. I have been so busy and i literally have no free time. But always Twisted return yesterday and I wanted to share my thoughts on the episode as well as hear what some of you have to say. 

The mid-season finale had left us off with finding out that the murder weapon in Reginas case was found and it had Dannys fingerprints on it. The police go to arrest Danny but they realize he has fled. We also find out that Virkim is alive and that none other than Jo’s Mother knew about!!  Not being much of a shock to those of us who had suspicions of this earlier on .
Anyways, so this is what happens in the Winter Finale:
-Cops have no clue of where Danny has gone
-Jo is still pissed af at Lacey and Danny
-Rico is pissed at Jo 
-Danny goes to see Jo but Jo decides to be a bitch and tell on him so he runs away
-We then learn that Rico is letting Danny stay in his house while he is in hiding
-Danny confesses to Jo and Lacey that he didn’t kill his aunt his father did, and he believes his father is framing him again for Reginas murder
-Tess calls Vikram and pleads him to come back
-Cheif Masterson finds out that Investigator was working for Vikrum and is somehow connected to Reginas murder
-They go to arrest her but they realize she left
-Danny and Jo have a conversation and all of a sudden Vikrum comes in
-Danny releases his anger and Vikrum tries to convince Danny to run away with him and start over 
-They Start yelling
-Jo records Vikrums confession
-Vikrum notices and decides to chase after Jo
-They end up running in the forest until they’re at the edge
-Danny pushes Vikrum off the edge(as an act of self defense)
-It is revealed someone was watching them 
Overall I thought the episode was pretty good but Jo was annoying the crap out of me. She was being a bitch in the beginning. I understand she was hurt and all but she should have trusted Danny. I am excited to see how the rest of the story is going to play out. 

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Thoughts about the Twisted Finale?

I have to say I am somewhat disappointed. Nothing new was confirmed. On the other hand I’m startung to think the new police officer has something to do with Reginas murder or knows something. I mean why else would she inisist in searching the pond again? Vikram is alive and in hiding just as many of us assumed. But the question is why? Leave your thoughts in my ask.

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